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About Kirsten Pontius

I can’t tell you what came first. My fascination with health and wellness or my love of travel and adventure. They have both been knocking at my door most of my life. It is no surprise that I have found myself now fully immersed in another culture, while working with other expat women to ease the burden of their transitions, find peace and joy in new cultures and lifestyles and eating local and healthy around the world. I help women remember that when health and travel merge, life can be absolutely outstanding.
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Why do you need a travel buddy?

Life is full of transitions. As expats, nomads and travelers, we encounter transitions that are unique and special. A mobile lifestyle can present challenges and hardships, but I believe it is also an opportunity. As you gear up for a move or settle into a new location, as you find your place or consider a new one, as you buy your plane ticket or unpack your suitcase, I will help. So, whether you live overseas, are planning to, or simply enjoy travel and adventure, I will support you in maximizing your health, life and happiness.

Client Reflections

  • I have been practicing yoga for over a decade now and have had many instructors over this course of time. I can honestly attest to Kirsten being one of the top yoga instructors I have ever been luckily enough to have. She has the tremendous ability to ensure that you have a solid physical workout that stretches you, and I love to sweat and feel like I really worked out, while simultaneously instilling a calm and meditative practice. It is a holistic experience. I highly recommend trying a session with Kirsten; you will be thankful you did.

    Jillian Nichols Mother and Educational Administrator
  • The coaching I received with Kirsten was truly eye-opening! Through really listening to me describe my habits, routines, challenges and goals, she offered simple and practical yet transformational ways to improve my health and well-being. She provided multiple resources and offered genuine encouragement to support this transition into a healthier lifestyle. Through her coaching, the obstacles I faced became much more manageable, and I was able to see the possibility of making improvements in my life.

    Susan Hinnendael Mother and Teacher