Concise, interactive and effective, workshops set the tone for International Schools and organizations that want their staff to thrive. 

The below workshops can be offered as a series or individually, and have been delivered for international schools, embassies, and transient communities with great success.

Each action-packed workshop was designed for international organizations that recognize the need to support their staff and communities in finding wellness and work-life harmony.

All programs are designed for expatriate or international lifestyles and infuse topics of transition, identity, and travel.

Additional topics and variations can be custom-built by request.

International schools and organizations that invest in their staff well-being see an increase in their overall health and productivity with proven techniques that ultimately result in lower burnout, exhaustion, and healthcare costs.

Workshops are customizable by topic, group size, and time frame.

Investment: Starts at 400 USD (375 Euros) per workshop (up to 20 staff members).

Workshops include:

  • Hosting of a live 90-minute Zoom workshop.
  • 3 hours of prep and wrap-up time to customize the workshop to your needs.
  • Personal follow-up and support for participants.

Dozens of participants around the world have benefited from taking 90 minutes to learn, reflect and improve their habits, daily activities, and mindset to support their health and happiness through these workshops! 

Here’s some feedback from past workshop participants:

I worked with 70 members of the Foreign Service based all over Africa, who came together in Abidjan for a 3-day workshop. I was one of few “outsiders” invited in, and was tasked with supporting this diverse and hard-working crew in thinking about building resilience, and prioritizing their well-being to enhance productivity and job satisfaction!

I couldn’t be more proud to be part of this event, and happy to see leaders identifying the need for their staff and teammates to be well and healthy!

Here’s what they had to say about my workshops: 👉