Wellness Programming at your International School is more than an afternoon yoga class and some weekend parties.

A Wellness Audit will identify the multiple ways in which you already support your staff, (and ensure your are clearly communicating these benefits to your staff), as well as places for growth and expansion. This includes:

  • The services and benefits that you offer staff to lessen their mental load and ease their to-do-list.
  • Access to information about resources, including clear communications and a point place or person to support ongoing  messaging that helps staff feel knowledgeable and grounded.
  • Identification of areas where staff could gain more agency and ease in their workday.

Audits involve a deep dive into what is happening, what is missing, and the climate of your staff and overall culture of wellness and your International School or Organization. 

Recommendations and practical tips on moving forward allow for real change to happen, ultimately resulting in higher levels of retention and easier recruitment.