In addition to one-on-one coaching, I have extensive experience guiding and facilitating groups, workshops and events around wellness and health.  From developing healthy lifestyle curriculum, to running cooking clubs, from facilitating workshops around mindfulness, to introducing yoga and movement to international communities. The following services can be utilized in conjunction with coaching programs, or independent of them. They are meant to support your wellness journey, or that of your organization, and can be customized to fit your needs. These services can be accessed virtually from anywhere in the world! 
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International School and Organizational Services

A variety of workshops, webinars and small group options are available for international organizations that recognize the need to support their staff and communities in finding wellness and work-life harmony.

Private and Small Group Activities

Options for classes, workshops and group or individual skill building and healthy focused activities with me. Check out the options!

Upcoming Events

Live events open to the public and a great opportunity to infuse your life with wellness, community and fun! Check this page often for a variety of events, most through zoom and offered for a variety of time zone and interests!

Additional Resources

My favorite products and resources to support my health journey, all tried and tested personally. Check out the people and products that I recommend to others, and use myself, in order to stay healthy.