Consulting for Wellness Teams and Coordinators

Build Capacity. 

Commit to lessening overwhelm in your staff. 

Create an environment of well-being.

When I link arms with wellness teams and coordinators I bring with me:

  • Tried and trustworthy program idea-bank that can be chosen from and implemented quickly.
  • Resources that offer wider access to services and support.
  • Survey templates for gaining better insight into your organization’s unique needs.

I work with your team or point-person to increase programs, services, and resources that help your staff build resilience, healthy habits, and happiness. 

Reduce the expense of hiring outsiders to run your wellness programs and build from within! 

This program is for lasting change and elevating the culture of well-being!

Fill out form below to discuss pricing and details for your organization’s needs.

Custom support and programs are available, contact me below to discuss options!


The below workshops can be offered as a series, or individually, and have been booked with Embassies, International Schools, and private communities with great success.   Each action-packed workshop was designed for international organizations that recognize the need to support their staff and communities in finding wellness and work-life harmony.  All programs are designed for expatriate or international lifestyles and infuse topics of transition, identity and travel.  Programs are customizable by topic, group size, and time frame. 

Expatriate or nomadic organizations, educational institutions, diplomatic agencies, corporations, and/or groups that seek to increase their overall health, wellbeing, and productivity with proven techniques that ultimately result in lower burnout, exhaustion and health care costs.

Workshops include:

  • Hosting of a live Zoom workshop.
  • 3 hours of my prep and wrap-up time to customize the workshop to your needs.
  • Personal follow-up and support for participants.

Investment: Starts at 400 USD (375 Euros) per workshop