• I didn't think I needed health coaching because I already have a pretty healthy diet and decent fitness level. However, I was amazed by how transformative this program was. I took ownership of my health in a new way, finding what exercise, lifestyle habits, and eating habits worked for my life, made me feel great, and were actually sustainable. It was powerful to articulate what my health goals were, become aware of what habits, practices and beliefs were working well for me and what I wanted to shift. This was all done through small "baby steps", one at a time, without pressure. Kirsten creates a safe place free from "shoulds" where our natural desire for health and wholeness can emerge, with both moral support and practical tools to help us implement changes into our lives. I also learned really helpful and interesting tools and gems of wisdom that I hadn't come across before, even with my background in coaching and health. She is compassionate, positive, grounded, connects naturally with the program participants and made me feel completely safe to honestly share my struggles and the triumphs of each baby step, while believing in me and working with me to take steps towards my bigger goals. Thank you Kirsten!

    Shannon J Mother and Relocation Specialist
  • I first met Kirsten in her small-group yoga class shortly after my move to Bucharest from Asia. If you've ever moved country, you might know how confusing and emotionally draining settling in a foreign country can be. Well, Kirsten became much more than a yoga teacher to me! I reached out to her when I realized that I needed help with setting new routines and getting back on a healthier path. Kirsten became my health coach. We started meeting regularly. The best part about our sessions was how deeply Kirsten cared about my feelings and her similar personal experiences as an expat. In each session, Kirsten listened carefully and shared something new with me that helped me understand why I felt a certain way. Together we set realistic goals. I was always looking forward to our sessions with tea and chats about life. But more importantly, I always felt uplifted after them. Thank you so much, Kirsten! My transition to a new country would have not been the same without you!

    Karine Kratz Teacher, Crossfitter, Globetrotter
  • I have been practicing yoga for over a decade now and have had many instructors over this course of time. I can honestly attest to Kirsten being one of the top yoga instructors I have ever been luckily enough to have. She has the tremendous ability to ensure that you have a solid physical workout that stretches you, and I love to sweat and feel like I really worked out, while simultaneously instilling a calm and meditative practice. From my experience it is not easy to achieve both the physical rigor alongside the feeling of inner well being, but this is what takes place when you leave the mat after Kirsten’s sessions. It is a holistic experience. Kirsten also has varied and creative sequences that after 10+ years keeps me surprised and engaged as a yogi. I highly recommend trying a session with Kirsten; you will be thankful you did.

    Jillian Nichols Mother, Student Safeguarding & Support Services Coordinator, Yogi
  • The coaching I received with Kirsten was truly eye-opening! Through really listening to me describe my habits, routines, challenges and goals, she offered simple and practical yet transformational ways to improve my health and well-being. She provided multiple resources and offered genuine encouragement to support this transition into a healthier lifestyle. Through her coaching, the obstacles I faced became much more manageable, and I was able to see the possibility of making improvements in my life.

    Susan Hinnendael Mother, Teacher, Wine Lover, Avid Coffee Drinker
  • Whilst principal at an international school in Cambodia, our team set ourselves the ambitious task of instituting a teacher wellness day. We wanted something to appeal to everyone that would focus on personal wellness and well-being. Phnom Penh offers a plethora of yoga studios, pilates classes, and wellness services; I tried them all, but always gravitated to Kirsten’s classes. To me, she really was one of the best instructors in the city, so it was not a stretch for me to reach out to her for our wellness day. Kirsten was quick to put together a restorative yoga workshop for teachers. That day, teachers and teaching assistants joined Kirsten’s class, first timers through to yogis, and her impact was felt ten-fold by them all. For those participants, their reflections about that day focused on Kirsten’s session, that it had calmed them, slowed their breath, and allowed for some peace and relaxation, and an opportunity to recharge. What principal could possibly ask for more for the faculty than that?

    Paula Baxter School leader, traveler, fitness and wellness advocate (and red wine drinker!)
  • I had the joyful privilege of taking a beautiful mandala workshop with Kirsten. She started the class with a brief, insightful history of the mandala, a visualization meditation and then we got straight into creating. Kirsten showed us many techniques for designing our mandala that allowed me to create a piece I was proud of. This class fostered a sense of well-being and connection among the members of the workshop. All of the supplies were ready to go and of great quality. I would recommend any of Kirsten's workshops in the future, she is truly a magnificent teacher.

    Maci Nazzarini Elementary Teacher, Artist
  • Kirsten helped me improve my nutrition and supported me through my first Shred10 reset program post Labor Day 2018, I was obese, suffering from anxiety and was in a rather blah state. The timing seemed right. At Christmas we decided to take our adult children to Hawaii in May I went from a size 26 to a 20 by the trip, I was able to climb to the top of Diamond Head, something I would have never been able to do without Kirsten and the Shred10 program. I have so much more energy, I sleep better and was able to go off of my anxiety meds, I am now a tight 18, out of plus sizes for the first time in 15 years, working on getting down to a tight 12 or solid 14 by my 60th birthday mid June. I owe Kirsten so much for assisting me in making myself a priority and to living a healthier more active, and more nutritious life.

    Sandy Taylor Mother, Corporate mastermind
  • I would like to thank Kirsten from the depth of my heart for the wonderful mandala workshop she did for us. It was exactly the intimate, emotional woman event we were hoping for. With her empathy, patience and kindness she guided the evening through our tears and laughs. Thank you!

    Dana Lev Mother, Academic, Traveler, Blogger

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