Research by Brandon Hall Group found that organizations with a strong onboarding process improve new hire retention by 82 percent and productivity by over 70 percent.

 In order to welcome and equip new employees with immediate and relevant information to begin planning their move to your school and the country, consider the creation of a PDF booklet or dynamic information site that combines relevant excerpts from my book,

“Moving Abroad with Your Health and Sanity” and country and school specific information.

This valuable resource will be sent to new employees immediately upon hire to showcase your school’s desire for a healthy and informed transition.

The information provided will empower new hires and their families with content that can help them begin to plan and prepare for their move with confidence and well-being.

Some section samples chosen by previous schools include:

  • Setting up a good environment for living (book excerpts)
  • Housing information (from your school)
  • Shipping/purchasing suggestions
  • Guidelines for settling into a new home (book excerpts)
  • Moving with Kids (book excerpts) 
  • Your School’s enrollment details
  • Information about area daycares for younger children
  • Medical Information
  • Needed vaccinations and medical considerations before and during the move.
  • General Health considerations during a transition, including mental health and self-care resources (book excerpts)

Below you will find snippets from a previous Onboarding project, a welcoming cover, a variety of content, and an excerpt from a page that offers both helpful guidenace in setting up a new home, as well as practical information about housing and shipping in your country.