This book is a resource in and of itself, and will also support you in identifying and building the took box of people and resources you need to have a successful move and experience abroad! 

-Resources to help you through an international transition without losing your mind, and your health!

– Support in reflecting on your goals and priorities to make the move an opportunity, rather than a reaction.

– Insight into elements of the transition that can make it a success instead of a stress.

– Ways to feel in control of parts of the process in a way that supports your well-being and mental health.

If you're planning a move out of the country, this is an absolute "must-read". Kirsten has lived overseas for a decade-plus and her expertise shows. This insightful and thought-provoking guide combines an experience and science-based approach to help you overcome the many unique challenges of living out of your home country. You'll learn how to build a holistic lifestyle that feeds your mind, body, and soul, anywhere in the world so you can leap into any travel adventure with confidence.
Moving Abroad is a wonderful resource for anyone moving or living internationally who wants to do so with their health and sanity intact. It provides great advice about how to set up a fulfilling life, with a special emphasis on matters of health including choosing where to live, food, healthcare and even COVID considerations. Interspersed with relatable personal stories, while also informative and research-based, it feels like chatting with a caring friend who’s walked the path before you and has just the right advice for this point in your journey.