Join Anytime. Do it YOUR WAY to learn how to use reflection and imperfect action to move your health journey forward!


Before the challenge begins, I want you to…

  • Think about your schedule, lifestyle, and current habits.
  • Consider what motivates you to get more movement.
  • Choose a way to join me WITHOUT committing to all 31 days! 
For example, you might decide you’ll participate in the challenge M-F,
or just on the weekends,
or five days a week whenever it works best for you.  
You might know that routine is helpful for you and so you’ll wake up and do it before your morning shower.  
You might realize that your life is too unpredictable and that you’ll give yourself the grace to do 3 sessions a week anytime you can fit it in. 
Here’s what this CHALLENGE will do for YOU: 

🌟 It’s going to get you moving!

🌟 It’ll give you support and accountability.  

🌟 You’re going to feel stronger. 
🌟 Your confidence will grow. 
🌟 It’ll help you approach goals and advances in your health with reflection.
🌟 You’ll learn how to move forward without perfectionism getting in your way.
You can join anytime, check out the videos on my Instagram Page:

You can hop on my instagram for each day’s 5 minute movement, OR you can sign up for FREE to receive regular reminders, habit and behavior change tips, as well as insights like modifications to help you succeed – right to your inbox! 

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Do you like the sound of this?

Then you’ll LOVE my January Refresh! Built around the same ideas that imperfect action taken with some reflection will bring your health journey to new places!