My Current Workouts are with:

Lindsey Bomgren of Nourish Move Love.  I am following her HIITStrong 35 program, which is intense! She has other free programs for a variety of levels and needs!  I highly recommend her.

My Coffee is:

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee. It’s crash-free organic coffee infused with mushroom help’s with focus and stress recovery!  (I love their medium roast adaptogen ground coffee, and their plant-based mushroom protein powder!.)

This US based global company ships to a number of international locations. I get it delivered to my door in Romania!
*For a 20 Euro discount on your first order, use my referral code HERE

I supplement with:

Juice Plus plant powders to get more fruit and veggie in my diet daily.  If there is anything certain I believe about the very individual needs of a person’s nutrition, it’s that plants heal.

This company also ships to many countries worldwide. (I am a fan and an affiliate.)  

I meditate with:

Insight Timer. By far the largest library of meditations, sound healings and more.  The free version of this app offers everything you need, including live meditations and classes you can join nearly any hour of the day! I’m a big fan of morning meditations, and put my earbuds in to start the day with gratitude as often as I can.